Power your life with CrossFit.

“Wow, those people must really hate their bodies. Why would anyone ever do that to themselves?”

That’s a great question.


If someone you know does CrossFit, the high-intensity fitness training favored by Marines and first responders, you’ve ribbed them about being part of a cult. This is a natural response to their relentless insistence that CrossFit has changed their life, and that it will change your life, too!

When I began doing CrossFit about two years ago, I was surprised  by all the ways CrossFit is not just a form of exercise but a culture of its own. When I first walked in to the CrossFit box I thought that I’m in a foreign country because I had no idea what language they are speaking but i was intrigued. First 5-7 workouts I was about to pass out and felt like I was dying. A lot of people wouldn’t like that feeling but it didn’t stop me because I love a good challenge.

So why CrossFit?

This is the last week of CrossFit Open 2018 and our coaches were doing all different kinds of challenges for us and this week we have to write about why we chose CrossFit. I needed almost 2 years to understand why I’m so obsessed over Crossfit now.

  1. Coaches. Without them our box would not be the same and I think a lot of people will agree with me. These people are inspiring us every single day. They see our weaknesses and strengthens, they never baby us but their support is incredibly powerful. I want to give a special thank you to our head coach and owner of CrossFit Viera box for everything he is doing for us 24/7 365. This man changed my life for the better. He brought me from not being able to step on a 2-3 inch plate to jumping on a 20 inch box, from not knowing what a power clean is to getting my PR of 145lb, from hating my body and pushing personality to excepting and loving myself. He always finds time to talk with us about all our concerns, to cheer us up when we need it and yell at us when we deserve it. Matt Steele is a Coach that we look up to, who motivates us and most importantly who we respect and trust unconditionally. I tried so many sports starting from boxing to yoga, but I never thought that coaches can care about you that much. Crossfit Viera coaches are not only training us but they truly care about every single person in the box.
  2. Judging free zone. There is no judging in the Crossfit. Our loudest cheers are not for the first finishers but for the last. I never felt so accepted, strong and beautiful in my life. When I was growing up in Russia, the environment taught women to hate their bodies, hate their status in life and feel like they could not achieve their dreams.  I was bullied growing up for my body, my looks and my beliefs, and that turned me against myself which caused depression, guilt, and defeat.  I never feel like I am looked at differently than anyone else in the box.  I am just happy to walk in, never feel self conscious, and never feel like I am an outcast.
  3. Community. One of the main reasons why I do CrossFit are the members of our box and community around the world. I don’t need to watch motivational videos to get inspired, instead I just can look around and see examples in my own box. Somehow we have the most kind, thoughtful and strong people. I guess that is why CrossFit not for everybody but for the best. I am thankful not only for the people motivating and cheering me, but those who have helped me out over these two years.
  4.  Me vs me every day.  When I started Crossfit, I was looking to others for competition and judging my performance against theirs, but after two years, I have started to look within and competing only against myself, my goals and my aspirations. I finally do not want to be better than someone but just better than myself yesterday.

I could keep talking about all the reasons I do CrossFit all day… but I want to finish with this… in the middle of WOD I caught myself stairing at the wall in the box that says “The Best Hour of Your Day” and I thought, Yes, Yes it is!

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