Writer’s block

Hey everyone, I am back from my vacation or as most people would call it, writer’s block, but I didn’t have my creative juices at 100% so I needed to take some time off to recharge!  But here I am, back and better than ever.   I took the time off to reflect on my blog and the content that I was sharing with all of you.  I didn’t feel special about me, and looking at thousands of pictures of beautiful models in designer dresses which obviously someone who is a reguIar working girl can’t afford, caused me to begin to question my outer beauty.   Lots of women can not style themselves after the top models because it just is not affordable. We need to be creative in how  we use or budget to get the most out of it.  I can’t be alone in this constant struggle!   I want to keep sharing with you my tips about how to stretch a budget to keep your outward appearance flawless.   If your parents or husband isn’t a millionare, stay tuned for many great tips and advice on how to present yourself with all the class and beauty for a fraction of the cost!

A special thank to Shabbyappple for the collaboration and the beautiful skirt you shared with me which was my inspiration for the current shoot. You can use there skirts for everything from photo shoots to fancy events. Simply adding a beautiful top and a necklace and you are ready to go for any occasion.













Skirt: ShabbyApple

Top: FrenchConnection

Heels: Guess

Clutch: Givenchy

Sunnies: Gucci

Dear Mother.

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With mother’s day coming up, you have to make sure you show your appreciation and love for the women that raised you to the person you are right now. I don’t want to give you any gift ideas, because I simply don’t know your mom as well as you know her. Today I just want to suggest you to bring her favorite flowers and tell her how much you love her and how much you care.

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” -Washington Irving

This year i’m not that lucky to be able to see my mom, but I know she is my fan number one and that she will definitely read this post 🙂

Dear, Mother, I just want to let you know that I thank God for blessing me with a mother like you and if I had one wish I would wish that everyone else would at least have a mom half as wonderful as you are… You are not just my mom but my best friend and I love how you understand me and I can come to you for advise. Thank you for always being here for me, I appreciate all that you give me. I love you, Mom!

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Like a “grown up”

A couple of days ago I figured out that I have grown up. I had very conflicting feelings about this. Should I be happy or sad? What should I wear? How show I spend my weekends now? So I decided to be more responsible with my life, have a healthy lifestyle, and be a better person. Sounds good right?

My first goal as a “grown up” is to continuing maturing as a person! Chicago has so many amazing museums and cultural activities and events to see and participate in! I’m a regular visitor at the Art Institute of Chicago and have been one for over 4 years. Each time I discover new galleries and exhibitions, but every time I go, I always start with the Modern Art Gallery, which holds such a great collection. It could seem very predictable that my favorite painter is Salvador Dali, and his painting “A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano, 1936″ charms me again and again.

It’s spring now! A Beautiful time to decide to start a new life or “grow up” and start getting out of your comfort zone.  My next step will be about healthy choices, and on my next post I will tell you more about my workout routine and nutrition.

art, institute, chicago, fashion blogger, style, stylist, gucci, blond

art, institute, chicago, fashion blogger, style, stylist, gucci, blond

art, institute, chicago, fashion blogger, style, stylist, gucci, blond

art, institute, chicago, fashion blogger, style, stylist, gucci, blond

art, institute, chicago, fashion blogger, style, stylist, gucci, blond

Sunnies: Gucci

Jacket: BCBG Paris

Top: JCrew

Shorts: Michael Kors

Boots: DSW(unknown)

Neckless: H&M

A mile in Louboutin shoes.

Little black heels are as vital to a woman’s wardrobe as the little black dress. And in that same way, owning a pair of little black heels from Christian Louboutin is probably at the top of every shoe-lover’s bucket list — assuming she hasn’t already coughed up a paycheck to snag a pair.

I love a good pair of statement heels — Louboutin designs a wide variety of basic shoes that cater to his mainstream and cult followings. In his collections there’s a silhouette for everyone — and no one can resist the appeal of their signature red soles. For the shoe lover or the girl just looking to step up her shoe game, owning a pair of Christian Louboutins is the starting point.

“The shiny red color of the soles has no function other than to identify to the public that they are mine. I selected the color because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable, and the color of passion.”

Christian Louboutin

shoes, boots, louboutin, christian louboutin, red bottom, fashion, style, fashion blogger

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”

Christian Louboutin

So true! Louboutin shoes are absolutely beautiful but mostly very uncomfortable. So be ready to sacrifice your comfort for fashion.

So here is my first Christian Louboutin Black and gold suede spike boots in Dolce&Gabbana ispired outfit.

shoes, boots, louboutin, christian louboutin, red bottom, fashion, style, fashion blogger

shoes, boots, louboutin, christian louboutin, red bottom, fashion, style, fashion blogger

shoes, boots, louboutin, christian louboutin, red bottom, fashion, style, fashion blogger

shoes, boots, louboutin, christian louboutin, red bottom, fashion, style, fashion blogger

Coat: Ellen Tracy

Skirt: Top Shop

Headband: H&M

Sunnies: Jimmy Choo

Boots: Christian Louboutin

Perfect skin tips.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation.

There is much to like about this velvety-smooth, sheer fluid Chanel Perfection Lumiere Makeup if you have normal to oily or combination skin. The texture is weightless and blends like a dream, providing sheer to light coverage that diffuses flaws yet let’s your natural skin tone show through. Blending must be swift because this dries fast, and this is definitely one of those “shake well before each use” formula!

This looks simply gorgeous on skin and holds up quite well over oily areas, too, assuming you’re not applying anything too slick or creamy beneath it (if you have oily skin you’d ideally want to avoid using such products during the day).

As for the shades, the range caters to those with light to tan skin tones. There are no shades for very fair or dark skin, though what’s offered is almost uniformly excellent, if ever-so-peach-tinged. Shade 70 Beige (the darkest color) sets a bit orange, but some may find it workable.

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Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzing makeup base (earlier known as Bronze Universel).

Chanel is probably one the few companies that makes a good cream bronzer. The Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel has been a favorite of makeup artists for many years.. The only downside is that it comes only in a single shade. I purchased it from Nordstrom and it cost USD $48.00. It comes in a huge plastic jar containing 30g of product, which will last forever! It is well worth the money considering the cost per gm of product compared to other brands such as MAC, Benefit, etc.

The product is a gel-cream which is a warm brown shade.. It works on most skin, but might be too light for anybody with deeper skin tone. It can be used on its own or under or above foundation. With a light hand, it makes for a great bronzer and gives a beautiful glow to my skin. When layered and topped off with a powder, this develops into an excellent contour product.

It blends beautifully on the skin and is easy to apply. It can be worn on its own to add warmth to the skin and to even out the skin tone. It leaves behind a diffused, bronzed effect.  It stays put all day and doesn’t look orange/red on my skin. With this product, it’s important to use a good brush that doesn’t shed. It gives a lovely finish to my skin. I highly recommend this product if you are on the market for a natural looking cream bronzer/contour product.

chanel, beauty, make up, chanel foundation, tips, fashion blogger, bronzer

Guerlain Meteorites Powder For the face.

This is my go to product for air brush perfect skin. It has pink, gold, pearl, lavender, and mint balls in here and you swirl it together and buff it onto your skin for healthy air brush look. It also smells great, slight floral scent. It diffuses all my flaws after I use my concealer and this last all day for me.

Teint Rose 02 was my first tin of meteorites balls so I have been using these for about 2-3 years now and love them. I have found them a good choice for my skin tone. I do get a noticeable shimmer from these as they are not as subtle as the pressed version. They are a beautiful finishing powder that leaves you looking soft-focused, slightly airbrushed, healthy and glowy.

Does one need these, no of course not there are other finishing powders out there. These though have some special to them. They make my skin look so much better and in any light.

chanel, beauty, make up, chanel foundation, tips, fashion blogger, guerlian, powder