DAVIDsTEA first unforgettable experience.

A few weeks back I was invited to preview the new DAVIDsTEA on the Mag Mile hours before the grand opening. As you know I am from Russia, and back home tea is the second most popular drink only to water (you were probably thinking vodka!), and I was extremely skeptical of what DAVIDsTEA could offer that would set its products apart from all the teas I have previously consumed. Let me tell you, DAVIDsTEA is remarkable, incredible, and any other imaginable adjective you could think of to describe it! DAVIDsTEA really blew me away and I was immediately hooked. The design of the store with its Tiffany blue color choice was fabulous and immediately made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home like I would be in the fashion world


I want to give a shout out Stacie Keenan and Melanie Barbusci for giving me the opportunity to tour their beautiful new location, and as they were walking me through the store, I could hear the passion and excitement they each had for the products on the shelves making me believe it was going to be the best tea I will try even before I took my first sip.  Before being given the unique opportunity to taste the products, Stacie and Melanie instructed me on how to make each tea in their patented tea kettle.  This kettle was not only cool and unique, it was easy to use and something that I had never seen before; tea that comes out of the bottom of the kettle where the most intense flavors reside!


The first sip immediately reinforced my presumptions that DAVIDsTEA would be delicious, bold, and flaverful! My favorite tea out of their collection was the Super Ginger(Organic) Tea which had a flavorful aroma and beautiful colors and textures. DAVIDsTEA is alligning itself like a subset of the fashion industry as the company comes out with new teas for each season like its Winter Collection which includes Apple Custard, Bubbie’s Baklava, Cocomint Cream, Sugar Plum Forest and Vanila Chai (Organic)DAVIDsTEA allows the customer to smell each flavor before choosing one, but its so difficult to choose because each smells so great; almost like a fitting room before you purchase!  Out of all the Winter collection teas I was generiously gifted after the tour, the Bubbie’s Baklava tea really stood out for its smell and taste.

IMG_7167 IMG_7172 IMG_7175

  1. Read My Lips (Chinese black tea, peppermint, chocolate, pink peppercorns, sprinkles, natural and artificial flavouring)
  2. Movie Night (Apple, Sencha-style green tea, popped corn, artificial flavouring)
  3. Jumpy Monkey (Roasted yerba maté, green yerba maté, white chocolate, carob, baba budan coffee, green peaberry coffee, Brazil green coffee, Kenya green coffee, chicory, olive leaf, almonds, artificial vanilla flavouring)

I was also shown an amazing color changing mug which turns reindeer (see the picture below) to white when your tea is hot. It turns back to blue when it gets a little cooler letting you choose what tempurature tea you want to drink.  I use it everyday and now I know the perfect temperature for my tea!




The Michigan Ave. store had a wide selection of mugs and kettles, which would be perfect holiday presents for anyone on your list.


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DAVIDsTEA also offers speciality tea bags which can be filled with any flavor of tea for those of us who are picky about what they are drinking even when not at home.  These are the highest quality teas in cup shape bags I have ever tried.

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As I have started to be more health conscience, I made the decision to start switching to teas instead of my daily coffee. I love coffee, especially creme brulee lattes, but I know that I have to treat coffee more as a delicatesan than an everyday drink, which made the switch over to DAVIDsTEA that much easier! DAVIDsTEA only has less than 5 calories per serving which means I could have 60 cups of david tea before I took in as many calories as a medium creme brulee latte! Isn’t that great; and DAVIDsTEA offers a Creme Brulee(Organic) tea so I have the best of both worlds.

I was so impressed with the layout of the store, the design of the cans and products, and most importantly the taste and smell of the teas, that I waited around opening day and was the first paying customer for the store as it opened hours later!

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This post was sponsored by DAVIDsTEA

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