Anticipation for #HMBalmainNation has been building ever since Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner debuted head-to-toe looks from the collaboration alongside designer Olivier Rousteing at the Billboard Music Awards in May. Then just last week, 99 still life images of the collection leaked online before Instagram shut down the account from which they originated.


Just hours before the much-anticipated runway show debut of Balmain’s collection for H&M, designer Olivier Rousteing sat down for two consecutive press conferences in downtown New York City on Tuesday with Vogue Runway’s Nicole Phelps and H&M’s Head of Design, Ann-Sofie Johansson. Rousteing discussed his favorite pieces, how he hopes to satisfy the brand’s fans and, of course, what kinds of compromises the luxury house had to reach with the fast fashion retailer in order to translate the couture pieces into accessible prices.

“I was like more, more, more, and you were like, ‘Yes, it’s fine more but just a little bit less,'” said Rousteing, referring to Johansson and laughing. “We managed to make it happen, to find our compromise. I think Ann-Sofie wanted longer dresses and I wanted shorter. I wanted really, really, high heels and she went, ‘Let’s do 2 [centimeters] less, we’ll be fine.'” Johansson agreed, noting that the dress lengths in the collection are still quite short.

Despite designing dresses that cost over $16,000 as his day job, Rousteing says he understands the importance of the collaboration’s affordability on a personal level. “[Ten years ago] I would watch the fashion shows of the big brands and I wished I could afford this jacket, I wished I could be a part of this world and this universe,” he said. “Many of my followers are like, ‘I wish I could have that, I wish I could have that,’ so I tried to make sure that the aesthetic of what we pulled out was close to what they want.”

Rousteing likened the collection to fireworks — it’s going to last only “two or three minutes,” thanks to the industry’s lightening-fast pace and how quickly the pieces are likely to sell out, but it will be an unforgettable experience that he said will “refresh” the brand with youthful, cool excitement. “Fireworks in the middle of my career, fireworks in the middle of Balmain, fireworks in the middle of H&M,” he said.


The look book only confirms what the leaked images revealed much to the Internet’s approval: Balmain for H&M looks just like real Balmain, at least in pictures. Women’s silhouettes are expectedly body-hugging and shoulders are pronounced. Pants are super voluminous or very tight. There’s more velvet, baroque-style jacquard, dense beading, cord and metallic thread detailing than one would expect for the price point. Accessories include waist-cinching belts, thigh-high boots, embellished clutches, chandelier earrings and even headphones (not pictured below). The outerwear is the best part of the men’s collection, featuring military-inspired double-breasted coats and zipper-covered leather jackets festooned with gold patches, trim or buttons. It’s all gilded and gaudy and over-the-top — just like Balmain. And now that H&M has ventured into beauty, the collaboration also includes a limited edition fragrance.



Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection

You’ll be able to shop the collection starting on Nov. 5 in 250 select H&M stores worldwide and online. The fragrance, however, won’t launch until Dec. 5. After plenty of teases — from spotting pieces on the red carpet to Instagram photos and campaign images starring Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Jourdan Dunn — the images for the collection have finally been released, and everything looks so good. Waiting to shop just got a whole lot harder!


LOOKBOOK Hype Brunch

Recently, we hosted our second Lookbook Hype Event, the “Lookbook Hype Brunch” attended by 15 of Chicago’s hottest fashion bloggers at the world reknown Tavern on Rush!  We have been going to Tavern on Rush each monday for their “Girl’s Night” where you can win pair of Louboutines and thought what better place to host an event than at a restuarant that continues to support Chicago’s booming fashion industry.  Tavern on Rush was gracious enough to provide us with a private room with a balcony, and the weather could not be beaten! As bloggers, we took full advantage of the georgous balcony and city views to snap hundreds of great pics!

lookbook hype brunch, chicago, fashionblogger

lookbook hype brunch, event entertaining, spring brunch

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event

The table decor was designed and decorated by me and hope everyone enjoyed the detail and time it took to make each hand crafted piece that was on display.

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event, decore

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event, decore

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event, decore

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event, decore

Tavern on Rush was also generous enough to provide a full brunch and bar menu for our enjoyment.  The drink of the day was mimosas because nothing says brunch like a little OJ and champagne.  The tuna tartare was a big hit and a personal favorite.  All the dishes prepared were delightful.  The man dish that I choose was the crab cake benedict and the meal was simply delightful and the best brunch entree I’ve ever had.

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event, decore, food, mimosa

I want to say thank you to repeat sponsor Magnolia Bakery for the fabolous Cupcake arraingment which was again a bit hit and tasted fresh and sweet.  Also a shout out to Glamour Girl Tan for sponsoring the event with gift cards.

lookbook, brunch, spring, fashionblogger, chicago, hype, event, decore

Of course thanks to everyone who was able to make it and I can not wait to see you at our next event!

Videographer- Andrew Phan.

LOOKBOOK Hype Night in Chicago

Early this summer, I had a meeting with Jason Su of to discuss the current state of the fashion community in Chicago.  Instantly I could feel Jason’s passion not only for fashion but for connecting people who had a common interest, in this case fashion.   Jason envisioned an event that took all the best aspects of and brought them to a local venue with users who interact and use the site regularly.  I knew instantly that Olga and I could deliver and bring Jason’s local vision to life!


After weeks of identifying top sponsors and scouring numerous locations we made our way into Sofitel – Water Tower.  The aura and charm of the hotel made Olga and I know without a doubt that the Sofitel would be the only choice for our event.


On Thursday January 29th, Olga Tsoi, my partner in crime from, and I hosted the LOOKBOOK Hype Night at the world famous Sofitel Chicago Water Tower.


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 Fifty of Chicago’s best and most fashion conscious bloggers converged at the magnificent Sofitel Hotel to watch talented up and coming models showing their personal style and the latest fashions including shirts designed by Olga and myself which will be available in our store shortly.

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Also we discussed fashion trends and network, and enjoy champagne, and cupcakes provided by Magnolia Bakery, Chicago’s premiere destination for baked goodies.  Hors d’oeurves were provided complimentary of the executive chef of the Sofitel Water Tower and Hollywood Fashion Secrets provided a take home gift for each attendee.


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A henna tattoo station was on site to allow for the all the ladies to have a chance to get a two week long fashion statement on their body.


Thank you again to all the attendees and sponsors who helped make this happen! Without you this event would not have been possible.

We are currently working on our second event and can’t wait to give you more details.  Tell me where you want us to come next? Follow ProjectCity PR for upcoming events!

My outfit of the event:

Dress: Free People

Boots: Christian Louboutin

Earings: Givenchy

Neckless: Top Shop




Hello, Ladies! Are you tired of staying at home all the time? Do you want to have some fun around people with a fashion obsession like you?!

I’m excited to announce that internationally acclaimed fashion community website is hosting a fashion event at the luxurious Sofitel Hotel in downtown Chicago on January 29, 2015.

I’ll be hosting this event whith my close friend Olga Tsoi of Little Too Much and am really looking forward to sharing this amazing experience with all of you!

Don’t miss a chance to chat with top Chicago fashion and lifestyle bloggers while sipping champagne and tasting hors d’oeuvres from top Sofitel chefs. We will have a fashion runway with local fashion bloggers showcasing their best look, a specialized photo backdrop where a professional photographer will snap your famous look, and my personal favorite, deserts freshly delivered by Magnolia Bakery!
Dress to impress and you can win a special prize from Sofitel Hotel for the best look of the night. Showcase your personal style and take lots of selfies!

Join us for a night of fun, fashion and style!
If you wish to attend LOOKBOOK Hype Night,
please send your TICKET REQUEST to
Questions or sponsorship requests please email


DAVIDsTEA first unforgettable experience.

A few weeks back I was invited to preview the new DAVIDsTEA on the Mag Mile hours before the grand opening. As you know I am from Russia, and back home tea is the second most popular drink only to water (you were probably thinking vodka!), and I was extremely skeptical of what DAVIDsTEA could offer that would set its products apart from all the teas I have previously consumed. Let me tell you, DAVIDsTEA is remarkable, incredible, and any other imaginable adjective you could think of to describe it! DAVIDsTEA really blew me away and I was immediately hooked. The design of the store with its Tiffany blue color choice was fabulous and immediately made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home like I would be in the fashion world


I want to give a shout out Stacie Keenan and Melanie Barbusci for giving me the opportunity to tour their beautiful new location, and as they were walking me through the store, I could hear the passion and excitement they each had for the products on the shelves making me believe it was going to be the best tea I will try even before I took my first sip.  Before being given the unique opportunity to taste the products, Stacie and Melanie instructed me on how to make each tea in their patented tea kettle.  This kettle was not only cool and unique, it was easy to use and something that I had never seen before; tea that comes out of the bottom of the kettle where the most intense flavors reside!


The first sip immediately reinforced my presumptions that DAVIDsTEA would be delicious, bold, and flaverful! My favorite tea out of their collection was the Super Ginger(Organic) Tea which had a flavorful aroma and beautiful colors and textures. DAVIDsTEA is alligning itself like a subset of the fashion industry as the company comes out with new teas for each season like its Winter Collection which includes Apple Custard, Bubbie’s Baklava, Cocomint Cream, Sugar Plum Forest and Vanila Chai (Organic)DAVIDsTEA allows the customer to smell each flavor before choosing one, but its so difficult to choose because each smells so great; almost like a fitting room before you purchase!  Out of all the Winter collection teas I was generiously gifted after the tour, the Bubbie’s Baklava tea really stood out for its smell and taste.

IMG_7167 IMG_7172 IMG_7175

  1. Read My Lips (Chinese black tea, peppermint, chocolate, pink peppercorns, sprinkles, natural and artificial flavouring)
  2. Movie Night (Apple, Sencha-style green tea, popped corn, artificial flavouring)
  3. Jumpy Monkey (Roasted yerba maté, green yerba maté, white chocolate, carob, baba budan coffee, green peaberry coffee, Brazil green coffee, Kenya green coffee, chicory, olive leaf, almonds, artificial vanilla flavouring)

I was also shown an amazing color changing mug which turns reindeer (see the picture below) to white when your tea is hot. It turns back to blue when it gets a little cooler letting you choose what tempurature tea you want to drink.  I use it everyday and now I know the perfect temperature for my tea!




The Michigan Ave. store had a wide selection of mugs and kettles, which would be perfect holiday presents for anyone on your list.


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DAVIDsTEA also offers speciality tea bags which can be filled with any flavor of tea for those of us who are picky about what they are drinking even when not at home.  These are the highest quality teas in cup shape bags I have ever tried.

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As I have started to be more health conscience, I made the decision to start switching to teas instead of my daily coffee. I love coffee, especially creme brulee lattes, but I know that I have to treat coffee more as a delicatesan than an everyday drink, which made the switch over to DAVIDsTEA that much easier! DAVIDsTEA only has less than 5 calories per serving which means I could have 60 cups of david tea before I took in as many calories as a medium creme brulee latte! Isn’t that great; and DAVIDsTEA offers a Creme Brulee(Organic) tea so I have the best of both worlds.

I was so impressed with the layout of the store, the design of the cans and products, and most importantly the taste and smell of the teas, that I waited around opening day and was the first paying customer for the store as it opened hours later!

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This post was sponsored by DAVIDsTEA