Pacific memories

Santa Monica is one of my favorite beaches to go to in LA because there is just so much to do!  I went there on my visit to California over a long weekend and loved the atmosphere and layout of the beach alongside small parks with people lazying around and just enjoying the weather. It basically exemplifies what LA is. It’s outdoorsy, it’s fun, it’s beautiful. First, the pier area is where you get the tourist crowds. The little amusement park on the pier is so cute and iconic. However, if you walk along the beach for just 5 minutes, you can find a nice stretch of clean sand to sunbathe. The water can be cold, but it’s tolerable once you get in. The beach itself is both long and wide so it’s a trek to get to the water actually!



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True, it does get very touristy around the pier, but it’s still quite nice to walk around and enjoy the sights.  On the other side of the pier, there’s a cool area with swings, rings, and ropes to climb on, with miniature versions for kids.  You can find all sorts of characters hanging around this area, so it’s a great place to people watch.

Great happening beach!

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Dress: Guess

Purse: Aldo

Flip-Flops: H&M

Sunnies: Oscar De La Renta

Street-style weekdays

Life is busy and sometimes it is hard to run on yours heels all the time. Even fashion addicts require breaks, but of course, we want to be stylish in our casual outfits so I made my own casual and realxing outfit for this summer season! First off I’m absolutely in love with navy blue.  This “sporty” NYC style dress by Zara, shown below, with Navy blue print is pretty simple on its own, but I wanted to pump it up with some accessories.

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I just returned from California so I  had an idea in my head to find my perfect thatch hat and I found it at Ann Taylor!



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The hottest trend of this season is comfy sneakers and of course I store plenty of them in my closet so I had no problem matching a pair of shoes by Coach to my dream outfit!


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From previous posts you’ve noticed that I adore accessories from Top Shop so I didn’t cheat  here and added a sparkling navy blue neckless to this ensemble!


The last detail that I needed was a purse,  and as always it’s the  hardest part for me because nowadays we have so many conflicting options to choose from including big or small, handbag or crossbody, and I’m not even going to talk to you about color and print choices! Theses pictures were shot with my amazing best friend ( fashion blogger and photographer in July, and I always wanted to do something in “Independence Day” colors (obviously red, white and blue)! My little crossbody bag by Kenneth Cole Reaction is a perfect companion for any outfit.   I was extremely pleased with the results and I hope you are too. Enjoy!

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Dress: Zara

Hat: Ann Taylor

Crossbody bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Shoes: Coach

Neckless: Top Shop

Bracelet: Armani Exchange


Hollywood Farmers Market

After spending five more days in Vegas with my mother, we moved on to sunny California! I lived in LA a few years back, so I was confident about directions and where we should go and what I wanted to show my mom. After arrivin in L.A. at the crack of dawn, we set off for our first destination of Hollywood, one of my mom’s dreams! After having coffee at Starbucks we took a walk down Hollywood blvd. and the Walk of Fame.  To my surprise we ran into a farmers market right on Hollywood and Ivor!



We bought fresh fruits and veggies and homemade greek yougurt. What a healthy way to start the day!   We tried so many tasty, organic fruits, vegetables, yogurts, cheeses, and fresh juces!

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The food was only part of the excitement! Bands were playing and art displays surrounded us.
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I was not expecting to see this in L.A. In Chicago, farmers markets are not really a big event, but  in LA there were so mane traders and customers! I think this is all about healthy leaving on West Coast.

Also, you can find beautiful flowers from roses to artishok flowers! (which I’ve never seen before in my life)

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Art works

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You can even get a massage over there!


That morning just made my day in sunny LA!

First EDC experience

Hello Ladies!

Sorry for not posting in the past few weeks but so many exciting events have occured and I am ready to share them all with you.  I have sincerly missed the opportunity to write to all of you recently and I am reneweing my commiment to you!

To highlight the past few months, I want to share my experiences in steamy, exciting Las Vegas. My man and I were in Vegas for Electric Daisy Carnival (“EDC”) 2014 which took place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway just outside of the bustingly nightlife of the Vegas strip.


Accomidations in Vegas are important, but knowing that most of the time is going to be spent at EDC, be wise with hotel choice. We stayed at the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel. We choose the hotel (I chose it; he listened becuase lets face it, why argue!) for a few reasons: The Stratosphere is the closest hotel on the Stip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the room was large, clean, and had an wide view of the glorious mountain ranges sorrounding Las Vegas, and most importantly EDM fans from all over the world were staying with us which made the hotel experience that much more enjoyable.

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Travel tip for everyone:  a rental car is your best bet for transportation to and from EDC! Not only is it more cost effective than hopping on a shuttle, you and your friends are expereince EDC on your own schedule.  Last reason to rent instead of shuttle, the traffic on your way to EDC is actually fun! I can’t believe I just wrote this, but it’s completely true. The traffic is fun!  Everyone’s tremendously excited to get to the race track and spirits are high!



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The theme of EDC is Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, or PLUR for short.  My costumes were specificially designed to incorporate that theme in mind. It’s safe to say, you would not find me in these outfits outside of EDC.  I planned my outfits about one month before the event, but instantly felt underprepared after seeing some of the creative outfits being worn at EDC (note to self: more preparation for next year’s trip!).  The headdresses are time consuming, everyone, and they are fragile in your carry on or luggage; make sure you wrap them accordingly!  My style is very conservative, from what you have seen, and I tried to cover myself up as much as possible,  but it was my biggest mistake. Day after day I  found myself ripping off pieces of clothing to deal with the heat from being in the desert and the 130,000 people atteneding.

My outfit on Day 1 of EDC consist of a daisy hairband, rainbow tutu,  rainbow legwarmers (you can find them in any Party City store; come to think of it, bad idea wearing legwarmers in the desert!), white top by FreePeople, and of course my comfy Nike sport shoes. The heat was really turned up in Vegas on Day 2 and I choose to wear a net dress by Freepeople and Victoria’s secret swimsuit underneath, gladiator shoes by Guess by marciano, and my handmade hairband, which I got several compliments on.  By the third day, I decided to only wear a swimsuit, my rainbow tutu, rainbow legwarmers and another handmade hairband. I had some Hawaiian accessories and my friends called me the Hawaiian Barbie.

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Safety tip: Drink lots of water at EDC.  The festival offers free water refills and its important to take advantage of the opportunity every chance you get.  Although the temperature is falling at night, the air is very dry and you are surrounded by 130,000 people making the festival grounds even hotter. A great idea is to get a Camelbak (you can purchase on amazon for about $30-50)  and carry it with out during the event.  It helps keep you hydrated at all times and should be refilled about 8-10 times a night.  I know it sounds like a chore, but it will keep you safe and energized for the whole party!


I’ll never forget the moment my favorite artist, Dash Berlin, went on at the Kenetic Field (main stage) at EDC. His music just touches your soul and it was a fitting end to the 3-day event at 5:00 A.M. with the sunrising over the mountains in Vegas; definetly a sight I will never forget.


I was there sorrounded by my friends and man; time stood still, and all the ills and problems were wiped away during that one hour set of music.


It was unforgetable experience surrounded by happy people, big smiles, bright lights, and amazing music. Now I know why people come back year after year and say “it’s all about the experience. ”


Pictures used from my Instagram (Heeloffortune) and (where you can buy your tickets for EDC Vegas 2015!)

Back to Summer 2013

Before Summer 2014 season will start this year I want to walk by memories of summer 2013. Enjoy!


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Top: Michael Kors

Skirt: Armani Exchange

Heels: BEBE

Accessories: Guess

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Dress: Armani Exchange

Heels: Guess by Marciano

Accessories: Top Shop