Never pay full price for fabulous

” Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things. it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things” – Oscar De La Renta

I love to search instagram for new stylish bloggers in the U.S. and all over the world. There are so many beautiful women showing their style, designer outfits, and fashionalbe looks. The more I search the more I notice famous fashion bloggers, who have hundreds of thousands of followers, are wearing clothing that is not in the budget of over 99% of women. Their pictures on Instragam are from Chanel, Dior, and YSL stores and of course who out there doesn’t want to see that?  Every women’s dream is to spend time in those high end stores with an unlimited budget.  Of course its easy to be stylish when your credit card has no limit and other bills and responsibilities are not on the fore front of your mind. The real talent lies in finding items that match and which come together to form a beatiful outfit without breaking the bank.  It doesn’t matter what piece you choose a high end retailer because all of them are in style. Even Marilyn Monroe once said, “it’s easy to be beautiful when you have money, but try to do it without.”   The label speaks more than the actual outfit! What do you do if your budget is limited and you can not shop at high-end designer retailers?  You begin to question yourself if you can be stylish at a lower price point.

I agree those high end stores carry clothing which are stylish and are very fashionable, but I’m on a clothing budget and I still want to wear what the top fashion bloggers wear.  What do I do then?  I found the answer to my question at stores like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and surprinsgly Macy’s.  You can find all the top brands with at times up to a 80-90% discount from original retail! Why pay full price when you can get it at a discount! Being a half season or full leason late will not make you out of stlye!  You still feel great getting high end clothes and even better you can get more of them and not over pay.  At the end of the day its still just a piece of fabric sawn together!


So here I’m sharing with you the outfits that I fell in love with! All my favorite designers for very affordable prices! My personal favorite and the number one trend for this season is an over-sized coat by Boy band of outsiders in light blue; actually, this coat was the  inspiration for my whole outfit! Original price was $2700, I got it at Nordstrom rack for $475; pretty good deal right?  Then also at Nordstrom Rack I got these adorable jeans by Fendi (orig. $950, I snagged them up for 69$) and this funny sweater by Kenzo (orig. $550, I got for $114). Shoes by Jessica Simpson (orig $119, I got they for $39 at Macy’s), they are so cool and unexpectedly comfortable! The sun glasses were a gift from my lovely man who supports my fashion addiction, and I can just guess how much they cost but I love them to death and they are by Fendi. So instead of spending over $5000$ I got exactly same stuff for less than a thousand!

I think it’s not smart to buy super expensive clothes that the fashion world tells us to wear.  Go out and have fun, find good deals and build your own style!

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Jeans, sunnies: Fendi

Heels: Jessica simpson

Coat: Boy band and outsider

Sweater: Kenzo

Neckless: Top Shop

Black is the new Black.

Obviously black colored clothing has always been my favorite. Season after season the color black was the number one color for my outfits. I never asked myself why? Why do I keep wearing this color? But everything seemed so stylish and elegant! You can mix black with any color! It is so easy to build your outfit when your base color is black. I also noticed that when I wear the color black I feel powerful, confident, and sexy.

So really, is there any reason to not wear all black?

No, I dont think so! Head-to-toe black is the easiest, chicest, most foolproof way to get dressed… and it’s actually cool. Black leather jackets, black pants, black shirts and black shoes are never out of style, and you really can’t run into a serious style faux pas while wearing any of them.

If that’s not a sign all-black is a winning fashion decision, I don’t know what is.

So here are 10 reasons that black is really the only color worth wearing.

  1. It means never worrying about matching.
  2. It camouflages any stains.
  3. It flatters every skin tone.
  4. It allows you to go wild with accessories.
  5. It works for every season.
  6. It’s figure-flattering.
  7. It masks whether your clothes are expensive or cheap.
  8. It always looks kind of dressed up.
  9. It never goes out of style.
  10. It’s what “fashion people” wear.


We are all beautiful! Find your style and your color!


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  Sunnies: Jimmy Choo

Sweater: Armani Exchange

Jacket: Michael Kors

Boots: Ralph Lauren

Skirt: Zara

Neckless: Top Shop

Bag: H&M

“Celfie” time

“Sometimes you have to be selfish to  be selfless.”

-Edwars Albert


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“I recognize that I have the ability to be selfish, but I also recognize that you can’t be happy if you only care about yourself at the expense of other people.”

-Russell Brand




Back to my dreams

“Love what you do and do what you love. Don’t listen to anyone else who tells you not to do it. You do what you want, what you love. Imagination should be the center of your life.” 
― Ray Bradbury

Hello my dear fashinistas! I’m happy to say that I finally decided to shift back to photography! So all next month, I will do photoshoots in Chicago only for $20 (1 outfit)! Pretty good deal right?! So if you want to renew your blog or just do a photoshoot for yourself, please feel free to email me at!

If you are still not sure, here is my photography work experience! I worked closely with Janet Mandel, a very well recognized Chicago fashion blogger and also did a Valentine’s day shoot for Tiffany & Co with this amazing woman in February of this past year!

Below is a sample of my past work:

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Also, I am the exclusive photographer for my close friend and Chicago fashion blogger Olga Tsoi.   We share our love of fashion and you can see it in the photos below.












And  I have been hired out for my services numerous times over the last few years. This past year i focusted my attention to other areas, but now Im ready to follow my dreams again!

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 “Follow your dreams. I am not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying it’s going to be worth it. ” 
― Moffat Machingura


60’s adventure

Sometimes I wish I was born in the 1960’s because I love everything about 60s fashion. The 60’s were known as one of the most fashion conscious times in history. Styles that began in the decade have had a noticeable influence on the fashions of today. Unlike the previous decades, the 60’s were a time of emerging and diverse trends. From sophisticated and casual to bright colors and bold prints, the 60’s embraced it all with stylish flair. Many of the trends followed what was happening socially at the time, which is evidenced in the extreme hemlines and psychedelic prints.

During the early 60’s, women’s fashion followed the trends worn by the iconic Jackie Kennedy. Never before had a First Lady been such a style trendsetter. Women everywhere wanted to copy her classy, yet fashionable look. But for me Audrey Hepburn the Hollywood screen goddess was also quite the fashion icon, largely due to her role in one of the 60’s most popular film, Breakfast at Tyffany’s. Very soon I am planning to do photoshoot in this theme and share with you my views on this movie.

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I unexpectedly found this polka dot rhombus dress by Nina West in Marshalls. I really loved the color and 60s style, but always had no reason to wear it. So I decided to make my own modern 60s outfit. I pump it up with a Native American style neckless ,(which I purchased on my trip to Las Vegas), wedge shoes by Guess by Marciano (Not only are they beautiful and look great on my feet but they are very comfortable!) and a unique over the shoulder leather phone case with card holder and key chain by Mia Bossi designed by Janet Lee Mandell.   This beatufiul over the shoulder case blends comfort and utility since it is large enough to carry your essentials including your smart phone, but it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit.  It can be added to all types of outfits from sporty to upscale.  I was able to get my hands on this accesory before it was made available to the public, and I am sure it will be moving off the shelves; get yours quickly before it is sold out! (I’ve included a link below). 

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Dress: Nina West

Sunnies: Jimmy Choo

Wedges: Guess by Marciano

Neckles: Top Shop

Phone Case: Mia Bossi