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Thank you to all my loyal followers for helping me reach 30K on Instagram!  This is all about you! Without you this journey would not be possible! Thank you for all your support and love! This is a perfect occasion to share with you my secret to wearing designer Sunglasses.  If you’re like me, you hate dropping $500 plus for designer sunglasses knowing you will be tired of the pair within a few months.  This is why when Ditto.com approached me I couldn’t resist.  You know by now that I don’t advertise products unless I truly believe in one and its mission.  Ditto.com allows me to rent designer luxury sunglasses for only $24.99 a month.  What a great idea!  This month my sunglass rental was a chic Prada pair that I was dreaming about forever.  I would have to pay nearly $625 to own this pair and knowing myself, I wouldn’t be wearing them this time next year.  A year of rentals at Ditto.com would only cost me $300 per year and I can try on as many pairs as my heart desires.  You can style your outfits with different shapes, styles, and colors and they come within a few days!  Of course you want to try it!  Use my code HEELOFFORTUNE when sign up and get your first month free and I promise you will fall in love as fast as I did.








Jacket: Armani Collezioni

Pants: BCBG MaxAzria

Sweater: Zara

Sunnies: Prada on Ditto.com



Anticipation for #HMBalmainNation has been building ever since Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner debuted head-to-toe looks from the collaboration alongside designer Olivier Rousteing at the Billboard Music Awards in May. Then just last week, 99 still life images of the collection leaked online before Instagram shut down the account from which they originated.


Just hours before the much-anticipated runway show debut of Balmain’s collection for H&M, designer Olivier Rousteing sat down for two consecutive press conferences in downtown New York City on Tuesday with Vogue Runway’s Nicole Phelps and H&M’s Head of Design, Ann-Sofie Johansson. Rousteing discussed his favorite pieces, how he hopes to satisfy the brand’s fans and, of course, what kinds of compromises the luxury house had to reach with the fast fashion retailer in order to translate the couture pieces into accessible prices.

“I was like more, more, more, and you were like, ‘Yes, it’s fine more but just a little bit less,'” said Rousteing, referring to Johansson and laughing. “We managed to make it happen, to find our compromise. I think Ann-Sofie wanted longer dresses and I wanted shorter. I wanted really, really, high heels and she went, ‘Let’s do 2 [centimeters] less, we’ll be fine.'” Johansson agreed, noting that the dress lengths in the collection are still quite short.

Despite designing dresses that cost over $16,000 as his day job, Rousteing says he understands the importance of the collaboration’s affordability on a personal level. “[Ten years ago] I would watch the fashion shows of the big brands and I wished I could afford this jacket, I wished I could be a part of this world and this universe,” he said. “Many of my followers are like, ‘I wish I could have that, I wish I could have that,’ so I tried to make sure that the aesthetic of what we pulled out was close to what they want.”

Rousteing likened the collection to fireworks — it’s going to last only “two or three minutes,” thanks to the industry’s lightening-fast pace and how quickly the pieces are likely to sell out, but it will be an unforgettable experience that he said will “refresh” the brand with youthful, cool excitement. “Fireworks in the middle of my career, fireworks in the middle of Balmain, fireworks in the middle of H&M,” he said.


The look book only confirms what the leaked images revealed much to the Internet’s approval: Balmain for H&M looks just like real Balmain, at least in pictures. Women’s silhouettes are expectedly body-hugging and shoulders are pronounced. Pants are super voluminous or very tight. There’s more velvet, baroque-style jacquard, dense beading, cord and metallic thread detailing than one would expect for the price point. Accessories include waist-cinching belts, thigh-high boots, embellished clutches, chandelier earrings and even headphones (not pictured below). The outerwear is the best part of the men’s collection, featuring military-inspired double-breasted coats and zipper-covered leather jackets festooned with gold patches, trim or buttons. It’s all gilded and gaudy and over-the-top — just like Balmain. And now that H&M has ventured into beauty, the collaboration also includes a limited edition fragrance.



Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection


Balmain and H&M fall/winter collection

You’ll be able to shop the collection starting on Nov. 5 in 250 select H&M stores worldwide and online. The fragrance, however, won’t launch until Dec. 5. After plenty of teases — from spotting pieces on the red carpet to Instagram photos and campaign images starring Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Jourdan Dunn — the images for the collection have finally been released, and everything looks so good. Waiting to shop just got a whole lot harder!


NOLA inspired BOHO Chic style.

A fashion trend that is part bohemian and part chic. It is tied to the vintage phenomenon in fashion where the trend was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.

bo ho chic
BoHO Chic: It’s street fashion of The Village in NYC but coupled with Vintage and a little Hippie and Gypsy thrown in for that added touch. You know when you see it. It’s got a 70’s flair to it-very Retro.


“Boho Chic” describes a style that includes flowy clothing, vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories, and natural-looking hair and makeup. So what do we need to look in boho chic style? Here is couple tips:

  1. Choose clothing in natural tones and fabrics. When building your Boho Chic wardrobe, choose items made from natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, leather, suede, and fur.
    You’ll also want to choose items in natural tones and colors — for example, white, beige, brown, earthy reds and oranges, and dark greens.
  2. Say yes to lace, crochet and other embellishments. Crocheted and lace dresses, tops, hats, and bags are staples of Boho Chic. Beads, fringe, and embroidery are also hugely popular, and can appear in your clothing and your accessories.
  3. Experiment with fun patterns. Boho Chic clothing comes in many patterns: floral and avant-garde-style accents are popular, as are checks and ethnic-inspired prints.
    If you do experiment with fun patterns, be sure to pair them with relatively neutral items for a balanced outfit.
  4. Think comfort. A key ingredient in Boho Chic style is comfort — you’ll see a lot of soft, loose-fitting, flowy clothes, often worn in layers.
    Maxi dresses (full-length, usually loose-fitting dresses) are a great example of the flowy comfort common to Boho Chic.
    Cut-offs and a flowy white lace top paired with a long, beige knitted sweater is another example of a comfortable Boho Chic outfit.
  5. Don’t go overboard. With all the patterns and layers available, building a Boho Chic outfit can be daunting. Avoid the temptation to wear all of your favourite things at once. You’ll also want to avoid being too colourful: aim for mostly neutral tones plus one or two accent colors.
    It’s also important to consider textures. Wearing patterned pants with a lace top and a crocheted fringe vest would definitely be going overboard.
    Similarly If you’re wearing a beaded top, it may be overkill to wear a bunch of beaded necklaces with it.
    If you’re unsure of what sort of color combinations to use, an online search for “Boho Chic color combinations” will return a lot of creative suggestions.
  6. Dress for your body type. If you’re curvier, look for items with more structure, as flowy items and layers can make you look bigger than you are.
    If you’re thin and short, you may get lost in long, flowy layers; aim for shorter tops and/or skirts, slimmer fits, and shoes with heels.
  7. Combine fitted and flowy clothes. Not everything you wear has to be flowy — you can combine flowy shirts with fitted pants or skirts, or vice versa. Here’s an example of an outfit you could wear in colder months, when the rain and snow make flowy dresses and skirts impractical:
    Pair some faded, fitted light-blue jeans with a white chambray top and a big, knitted, neutral-toned sweater.
    Add interest to the outfit with a long silver-chain necklace punctuated by a pretty stone pendant — turquoise would work well.
    You could also combine this outfit with a colorful, jewel-toned scarf.
    For shoes, go with brown, tan, or beige ankle boots with a relatively low, chunky heel. (Think cowboy boot heels.)
  8. Don’t forget to have fun and feel how beautiful you are!




Pants, top- Free People

Shoes- Kenneth Cole

Sunnies, accessories- Top Shop

Background- New Orleans

Perfect Blond. Healthy hair tips and Must have hair products.

This post is for my fellow blondes, also you’ll find healthy hair tips for any hair color. Although I’m naturally dark blonde, I’ve been coloring my hair to be blonder since high school! I just wanted to share a few blonde hair care tips I’ve learned along the way – including my favorite shampoo and hair mask.

  1. Use the right shampoo. My secret is that Im switching the Kerastase Bain Force Architecte and It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle shampoo.I use both the shampoo and the hair treatment. Why do I use two different type of products? Kerastase is amazing product line for damaged hair like mine with a lot of chrome and protein in it. Human hair is a tough fibrous protein consisting primarily of keratin. Protein makes our strands strong, enabling them to grow long and be healthy. Some people believe adding extra protein to hair in the form of treatments will make it even stronger. Unfortunately,adding too much protein to hair can actually cause more harm than good.Products heavily infused with soy protein, silk amino acids, wheat protein and keratin add protein to your tresses, whether you’re aware of it or not. The more protein you apply, the more risk you could be overdosing. So this is exactly why I also use Silk line, that delivers youthful shine, enhances manageability, improves elasticity & reduces breakage, restores vibrancy, protects hair color & creates lustrous shine.
  2. Wash less.  Less showers = less damage. It’s as simple as that. Make dry shampoo your friend instead. Dry shampoo is especially great for light hair since it lightens up dark roots. I’ve tried many, many dry shampoos and my favorite one that I think are worth every penny – Kerastase Powder Bluff. Less showers are also good for the environment and an easy way to do your part.
  3. Sun Protection :: Oh man, sun is hard on your hair. If you’re going to be in the sun, use a UV protection spray. You’ll look stylish in a sunhat that has built in UV protection!    
  4. Never skip the hair mask at least twice a week and for dry ends use oil mask. My last obsession is Australian product “Hello Hair”  that uses 100% natural and vegan ingredients to create a mask that restores dry and damaged hair to its original glory. I had a lot of chemicals in my hair for the majority of my life — I had my hair chemically straightened, I dyed it several different colors. Easy to say, my hair was not the healthiest. Before moving to US, though, I decided to cut it all off so it could grow back beautiful, curly, and in healthy condition. I have been almost maniacal trying to find the best products to make sure my hair would grow back as planned. When I came across Hello Hair on Instagram (I’ve been finding several gems over there recently), I definitely wanted to give it a try and the results didn’t disappoint me at all! I would recommend to use it once a week for at least an hour long.

The original mask is composed of six natural oils: coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, castor oil, olive oil, and olive leaf extract. I confess that I am obsessed with anything coconut; really, it is almost sad. So, I was more than happy when I saw that Hello Hair uses 100% virgin organic coconut oil. I did a little research on what effect each ingredient has on hair, and this is what I found:

  • Coconut oil prevents breakage and split ends, and it also hydrates and nourishes the hair.
    Almond oil is rich in vitamins and minerals. It adds shine and strength to the hair. It aids in hair growth and prevents hair loss and greying due to its abundance of protein and vitamin E.
  • Argan oil, which I have heard loads about even before looking into these ingredients thoroughly, is packed with vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants that helps hydrate the hair.
  • Castor oil is a great source of Omega-9 fatty acids. It is great for the roots of your hair and your scalp and prevents drying of the hair.
  • Olive oil improves the overall health of your hair and scalp, and smooths over split ends and hair cuticles, reduces static and controls dandruff.
  • Olive leaf extract is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, which give your hair strength and shine as well as hydrates it. Olive leaf extract is also a powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Price: Hello Hair Hydrating Mask — AU$15
Shipping Price: FREE within Australia


The best investment you can make is investing in your health and beauty!

Back to School.

Pumpkin spice lattes, plaid everything, the crunch of crisp fall leaves … wait, what? It’s  90 degrees out!  It is a fall/back-to-school season here which makes me to think about, absorbed in everything autumn but conflicted because it’s still summer weather. One of the things, actually the only thing, that helped me get excited for going back to school is picking out outfits to work while strutting down the halls.

Whatever school you are planning to be back or this is your new start, let’s celebrate it with vibrant color and big smile!

So here is an outfit idea inspired by two of my favorite seasons to help you transition from summer to fall and get excited for the upcoming season.











Skirt: Kenzo

Top:Pink Tartan

Clutch: Givenchy

Shoes: Kate Spade

Watch: Chanel

Sunnies: Dolche&Gabbana